10 Costliest States for Auto and Homeowner’s Insurance


Ever wondered the most expensive places to live and insure your home and autos? The National Association of Insurance Commissioners(NAIC) have conduced studies in both these categories and come up with a list of the top 10 costliest places to insure your home or auto which will be listed below.

AUTO- NAIC calculated average premiums from actuarial data  and several categories for claims with associated payout. The national average was $927.58 and all 10 of these states come in above that number.

HOME- NAIC also looked at this from homeowners insurance. There are a few components that go into this one. Some are real estate values, construction costs and the state of the economy. Of course, exposure to catastrophic losses are a big factor on this one. The average premium for homeowners is $ 1,034.

Now for the list, Autos will be list first, followed by homeowners states with the highest premiums.

10 Costliest States for Auto Insurance Premiums: 

10. Maryland, Average premium: $1,056.71

9. Connecticut, Average premium: $1,082.05

8. Delaware, Average premium: $1,153.59

7. Michigan, Average premium: $1,171.94

6. Rhode Island, Average premium: $1,176.01

5. Florida, Average premium: $1,196.02

4. New York, Average premium: $1,273.27

3. Louisiana, Average premium: $1,275.10

2. Washington D.C., Average premium: $1,289.49

1. New Jersey, Average premium: $1,334.54

10 Costliest States for Homeowners Insurance Premiums:

10. New York, Average homeowners annual premium: $1,158

9. Connecticut, Average homeowners annual premium: $1,160

8. Kansas, Average homeowners annual premium: $1,213

7. Rhode Island, Average homeowners annual premium: $1,233

6. Alabama, Average homeowners annual premium: $1,248

5. Mississippi, Average homeowners annual premium: $1,314

4. Oklahoma, Average homeowners annual premium: $1,501

3. Texas, Average homeowners annual premium: $1,551

2. Louisiana, Average homeowners annual premium: $1,742

1. Florida, Average homeowners annual premium: $2,084

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