10 Least Expensive Cars to insure in 2015

This is the list from Insure.com for the top least expensive cars to insure. These are cars that are rated highly with parents and are unlikely to go 100mph. These cars appeal to parents which mean they come with lots of safety features that insurance companies like.

Cars with fewer claims and easy to repair have lower premiums for your family. While insure.com did extensive research across different insurance companies and vehicle types they do note that insurance costs for these vehicles can vary widely across states.

Here they are:

10. Ford Escape S 2WD,Average national premium: $1,190



9. Smart FORTWO Pure two-door, Average national premium: $1,186



8. Ford Edge SE 2WD, Average national premium: $1,176


7. Subaru Outback 2.5i AWD PZEZ, Average national premium: $1,176


6. Jeep Compass Sport 2WD, Average national premium: $1,164

jeep compass 15

5. Honda Odyssey LX, Average national premium: $1,163


4. Dodge Grand Caravan SE Plus 2WD, Average national premium: $1,162


3. Honda CR-V LX 4WD, Average national premium: $1,160

honda crv 15

2. Jeep Patriot Sport 2WD, Average national premium: $1,136

jeep patriot 15

1. Jeep Wrangler Sport 4WD two-door, Average national premium: $1,134

2011 Jeep Wrangler Sport

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