5 Most Stolen Vehicles


While new technologies have made car thefts decline some in recent years it is still a crime that is prevalent. Nation Insurance Crime Bureau(NICB) warns that car thieves have updated their methods with new technologies.  Smart keys, stolen identities for car loans and switching id numbers on vehicles are a few of these ways. Here is the list the NICB put on of most frequently stolen vehicles of 2014.

5. Toyota Camry, Number stolen in 2014: 14,605.

4. Chevrolet Pickup (full size),Number stolen in 2014: 23,196.

3. Ford Pickup (full size), Number stolen in 2014: 28,680 thefts.

2. Honda Civic, Number stolen in 2014: 43,936.

1. Honda Accord, Number stolen in 2014: 51,290 thefts

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