6 Examples where Umbrella Insurance is needed


Think any of these apply? You may need to consider adding an Umbrella.

  1. Have kids or teenagers living with you?
    • What if your teenage has an auto accident involving multiple vehicles. If property damage and injuries go beyond your underlying auto limits. The Umbrella would kick in.
    • What if your child threw a baseball through a neighbor’s window and damage a valuable on the window seal.
  2. Pets
    • Dogs bites. If your dog gets loose and bites an individual not only could that create medical bills but also lost wages if they have to take any time off work. This would be somewhere where an Umbrella could come into play.
  3. Social Media
    • Active on online blogs, Facebook or any of the other social media platforms? You could be open to suits for Libel or slander. For example, if you reviewed a restaurant on your blog that they felt was a misrepresentation.
  4. Entertain Guests
    • Some examples could be swimming pools and trampolines. This includes potential for medical and liability claims.
  5. Passenger Injuries
    • If a passenger is injured in a car accident where you are the driver. The umbrella can chip in with any mounting medical costs over the personal auto bodily injury limits.
  6. Landlords
    • If you own properties it can open you up to potential risk. Any lawsuits regarding the maintenance would fall under this category.

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