8 Ways to Avoid Backover Accidents

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With the warm weather more people are out and about which means more children are playing in driveways and streets. Back over accidents typically occur  when a vehicle is backing out of a driveway or parking spaces and backs into a child without seeing him or her.

  1. Be sure children are properly supervised when in areas where vehicles could be moving.
  2. Be aware of small children -the smaller the child the less likely you are to see him or her.
  3. Teach kids not to play around vehicles. Ever.
  4. Walk around vehicles to make sure a child or any of his or her toys are around before backing.
  5. Lock vehicles so kids cannot get into vehicles and put the vehicle into gear.
  6. Check surroundings and assume children are around
  7. When backing do so very SLOWLY with windows down so you can hear sounds and if any kids could potentially be around. Check and double check as kids can dart behind vehicle and there are also in blind spots while backing.
  8. Do not rely solely on back up detection and camera devices in vehicles as they do not take the place of personal observation and walk-arounds to make sure there are no kids around before backing.

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