April Showers Bring May Flowers, But do They also Bring in Concern for Flooding?

Make sure you do not get into deep water this spring without your flood insurance. Floods are the number one occurring natural disaster in the United States according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA). The beginning of spring with increased rain falls and the overflowing of creeks and rivers makes homes and businesses especially susceptible to this problem.

What you may not know about flood insurance…

  • Flood damage is not covered on your home or business owners policies. Flood insurance is a specific coverage type to be acquired.
  • Many people think you only need flood insurance if you are located in a high risk flood zone or near a water source. The fact is, Georgia has designated flood risk zones all over the state and any form of precipitation can cause floods. While flood insurance is required for special flood hazard areas, floods can happen in all risk zones and coverage can be obtained at an affordable rate.

Flood insurance is obtained through the National Flood Insurance Program(NFIP), as this a government organization the laws and regulations regarding the flood program can vary, it is a good idea to consult your insurance agency as they are well-versed in the flood insurance process as well as current on the information regarding this program.

A list of communities participating in the NFIP program can be found at this link. This site also has a listings of flood plain areas and other useful information on the topic.

So don’t let these April showers catch you by surprise!

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