Back To School Safety


Make sure your child knows the bus route. If they are going to be riding the bus, drive them to school on the first day and follow the bus on its route. This makes sure that they know the route to make sure they are on the right bus and they know if anything is wrong.

Don’t let your kids walk to the bus stop by themselves. Even if the bus stop is right across from your house, wait until there are other parents or kids around. There is safety in numbers. Or wait with your child.

Make sure your child has all of the information they need in the event of an emergency. Make sure they know the signs of danger and there is a meeting place should you be separated. Make sure they know your address, names, cell phones numbers and all of the contact information for this situation.

Establish a code word for your child with family and guardians. They should never get in the car with a stranger but in this case they will know it is safe for other family friends you could arrange to pick up your child.

Make sure your children know who are trusted adults. Police officers, business owners, teachers are all options that children can typically run into in case of an emergency. So if they get into situations with other adults that they are uncomfortable they know to run and who to get help from.

When prepping your kids it is important not to scare them but to give them the information to deal with unsafe situations. These are not situations that are likely but equipping them with the information they need is very important. It is important that they know that most everyone is good but for the uncomfortable situations they need to have the above safety information.

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