Plan Ahead: Prepare your Home or Business from the cold weather and Jack Frost’s Visit this Year

Colder weather is just around the corner. With a cold winter coming up fast, WTM thought they would send along a few tips to prepare for your visit from Jack Frost this year. Protecting your home, business and transportation are important things to consider as they are big causes for insurance claims.






1. Outside Factors:

  • Disconnect and drain all hoses and outside water valves
  • Repair any roof leaks and remove any tree branches that could be weighted down with ice or snow and fall on your house or neighbor’s house
  • Have your chimney cleaned annually if you plan on using your fireplace

2. Inside Factors:

  • Insulate and weatherize doors, windows and attics to prevent drafts, Also to save on utilities
  • If you use your fireplace, keep the flue closed when not in use
  • Check your furnace and heating system, have your furnace inspected every year by a professional prior to the start of the heating season
  • Don’t store newspapers, rags or combustable materials near your furnace, hot water heater or space heater
  • If a space heater is being used, make sure it is not left on when you are not in the room. Make sure it is atleast three feet away from anything that might burn
  • Make sure your furniture is not blocking your home’s heating vents

pressuretemperature_hero_580x330PREPARE YOUR VEHICLE

1. How to Winter-Proof Your Car

  • Check tread and air pressure in your tires
  • Add de-icer fluid solution to your wipers to prevent spray from freezing
  • Check concentration level of anti-freeze in your engine
  • If you live in extreme temeratures keep a winter survival kit in your trunk
  • Program your auto service provider, insurance agent and towing service into your cell phone





Oh Deer! Georgia Motorists cautioned, Influx of Deer on Suburban and Urban Roadways

DeerCrossingSignHC0911_L_300_C_YIt’s that time of year, fall, for the deer in your area that means mating season. According to Georgia Wildlife, it is estimated that 50,000 deer-car collisions happen annually in Georgia. Mating season occurs between October and early December.

This impacts Georgia Drivers in several ways.

During mating season males go into a rut actively searching for mates. This contributes to an increased amount of deer coming into roadways.

As “fall back” daylight savings time comes into effect this matches rush hour commuting schedules and peak hours of activity for deer.

While motorists living in rural areas may expect to see deer, Georgia Wildlife cautions that suburban and urban areas are prime spots as well. This is contributed to the fact that increased human population and rural development have caused deer to move into new areas in search of food and water.

According to Georgia’s office of public safety, 300 people were injured in 2011 that were involved in deer collision.

While deer can be beautiful to watch in their natural environments, they present unpredictable and real hazards to Georgia motorists.

WTM insurance would like to share a few tips and things to consider for roadway safety during deer mating season.

Am I covered? As automobile claims from contact with a deer rise dramatically during the fall. WTM encourages all motorists to check their auto policy and with their agent to determine if they have adequate coverage. While the claim results when your auto and the deer “collide”, the needed coverage is most commonly found in comprehensive coverage of an automobile policy. This is an optional coverage.

Don’t Be Fooled: Deer are unpredictable, a deer standing calmly on the side of the road may bolt or cross the road if startled.

Others will follow: When you see one deer that generally means there are more as deer travel in groups. That creates for more unpredictable behaviors in which case slow speeds are strongly advised.

Best Driving Practices: Minimize your damages, if it is too late to avoid a collision, slow down as much as possible before impact. Resist the urge to swerve to avoid the deer as this can cause more damage by sending the vehicle off the road causing it to flip or a collision with another vehicle.





Halloween is Right Around the Corner, Here are Some Tips to Make your Halloween Safe

Automn Mix Candy in Happy Halloween Pail
With Halloween approaching quickly,  there are important safety tips to keep in mind for any potential hazards that could be in disguise this Halloween.

WTM Insurance would like to help better prepare families for some of the more spooky Halloween hazards.

Here are a few safety tips for adults and children alike to keep in mind this Halloween:

  • Dress-Up Scary and Smart– Make sure costumes do not have any sight or hearing obstructions. Materials should not be too long as to create a tripping hazard. Avoid accessories that are sharp or have uneven edges. Use hypoallergenic  make-up  and make sure costume materials are not flammable.
  • Avoid Road Frights: Consider decorating your car as well in order to be more noticeable to children who may be crossing the street. Drive below the posted speed limits during trick or treat hours. Watch for children in dark costumes.
  • Use Treasure Map: Accompany or know which houses your children or teens are allowed to approach in your neighborhood. Only go to familiar areas and go online to make sure there are no offenders in your area.
  • Two Goblins are More Scary Than One: Travel in groups and stay in well-lit areas.
  • Create Accident-Free Yard Haunts: Clear all paths to the door of any debris, lawn furniture or other obstacles that could trip or hurt visitors. If you are going all out and expect a lot of visitors to view your yard haunt, additional insurance should be considered even if for the single night.
  • Light up the Jack-O-Lanterns: Preferably with a battery charged light. If lit with a candle make sure they are out of the path of trick-or -treaters where a costume can be ignited.
  • Candy Police: Instruct your children not to eat any candy until they have brought it home to be inspected. This gives parents an opportunity to look for any problem candy and a pick at the best candy! Never eat any unwrapped candy items. Candy should only be collected  from trusted neighbors and pre-approved areas.

Have a fun and Safe Halloween!


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RIP James Gandolfini: Top Tony Soprano Quotes

The death of 51-year-old actor, James Gandolfini was a shock to celebs and fans across the globe.

The star brought fame and life to the panic-stricken mob boss, Tony Soprano from the hit HBO series, The Sopranos.

While Gandolfini took to the stage as well as starring in several movie roles that were a step away from the usual type cast role of mobster, its hard to forget that he made us love a dysfunctional villain.

Here is a collection of our top Tony Soprano quotes:

“You got any idea what my life would be worth if certain people found out I checked into a laughing academy?”

“A wrong decision is better than indecision.”

“If you can quote the rules, then you can obey them.”

“Sil, break it down for ’em. What two business have traditionally been recession-proof since time immemorial?

“When you’re married, you’ll understand the importance of fresh produce!”

“It wasn’t like it was friggin’ Cobain! It was just a little suicidal gesture, that’s all.”

“The belt was his favorite child development tool.”

What’s your favorite Tony Soprano or Sopranos quote?