Burglary Prevention and When to Leave the Lights On or Off

It seems to make sense to leave the lights on while you are out of town to deter crime. Is this really effective or just using electricity? If you are using your lights as part of home security plan there are some things to think about. Here are some instances for when to leave the lights on or off. You can also contact law enforcement if you would like to get tips in your specific area.

When to Light the house up- Both out and indoor

Outside Lights- Keeping those on when you are away seems like a good idea. But if they are on in daylight it may clue people off that nobody is home. Otherwise, people do not leave outside lights on when it is light out.

When you’re home- When you are home and awake lights not only let people know that you are home but it also allows you to see anyone lurking outside. Having a variety of interior lights on is helpful during the day when most home robberies occur.

On Vacation- Some of the same principles apply if a burglar notices the same lights on for several dates that is a clear sign that you are home.

If possible combine indoor and outdoor lights- If you have outdoors lighting in your backyard or by the front porch and garage , use those with interior lights near the front doors to give the appearance that someone is home.

Some other options:

Automated Lights- With an automated system and smart switches you can program your lights to randomly come on and off . Motion lights can also be installed and can sometimes startle burglars.

Make sure our shrubs and trees are trimmed around the house so no one can hide.

Also connect with your neighbors so they can be on the look out.

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