Business Auto Insurance

Atl_night_stewartMany states require One of the first considerations when purchasing insurance for your vehicle is to make sure the owner shown on the vehicle title is the insured on the automobile policy. If your vehicles are owned by your company, it is important to make sure your insurance policy shows the titled owner. Another consideration is the type of vehicle. Personal automobile policies have a specific definition of what qualifies for the personal policy including limits of size and weight. That dump truck may not qualify for your personal insurance!
For some private corporations where there are no employees that drive your vehicle a personal automobile policy might be a valid way to provide insurance for the vehicle; however it is important the policy show the titled owner correctly. For most business owned vehicles a business automobile policy is the best solution. Some coverage options are similar between a personal automobile policy and a business auto policy; however usually the liability and uninsured motorist coverage are at higher limits.
Even if your business does not own vehicles you probably need hired and non owned auto liability. Hired auto coverage is for when you rent a vehicle. Non owned coverage is for when someone working for you drives their personal vehicle and has an accident. Insurance coverage follows the car so the employee’s insurance policy will respond first– but if it is a serious accident your company could get brought into a law suit.
At Williams Turner & Mathis we will discuss these options in more detail to determine what coverage is right for you and your business. Our friendly agents will walk you through the insurance shopping process and search different companies to find you the best rate. Contact Williams Turner & Mathis today by calling 888.223.7195 or complete the quote request form to have one of our agents call you.
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