Coming Soon: Sochi Winter Olympics


sochi1We are at the one week countdown to the highly anticipated 2014 Sochi Olympic Games. The olympic events will begin live on February 6. Here are some highlights about the sports, venues and medals you can expect to see at this year’s winter olympic events.



The Sports


Alpine Skiing, also known as downhill skiing is the sport of sliding downhill on skis with fixed-hill bindings. There are 10 medal events.

Freestyle Skiing, skiing and doing aerials, moguls, skicross and boardercross off a half pike. 10 events to medal.

Ski Jumping, sport where skiers take off down a ramp and attempt to land as far as possible down the hill. There are 4 medal events.


Biathlon, Winter Sport that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. There will be 11 medal events.


Bobsleigh, winter sport where a team of two or four in a gravity powered sled, speed down a narrow, twisting ice bank. Timed runs are combined for final score. Three Medal Events.

Luge,  small one or 2 person sled, the participant lies on his/her back feet first and steers with calf of each leg or shoulder pressure on the seat, there are 4 medal events.

Skeleton, winter sport where individual rides face down on a small sled on an ice track. There are 2 medal events


Cross Country Skiing, winter sport where skiers propel themselves across snowy terrain using skis and poles, there are 12 medal events.

Nordic Combined, combinations of cross-country skiing and ski jumping. There are 3 medal events.


Figure Skating, winter olympics  have both duos and individuals. There are 5 medal events.


Curling, players slide stones down swept ice toward target areas worth a different number of points, teams have 8 stones to accumulate the highest number of points. There are 2 medal events.


Ice Hockey, has been in all olympic games, both men and women teams will be competing in 2 medaling events.


Snowboarding, is the newest sport to hit the winter olympic scene since 1998. Now it includes, half pipe, cross, slopestyle and parallel special slalom. There are 10 medaling events.


Speed Skating, competitors will race on long track, short track and marathon track. Twelve Medal Events.

To see Team USA and medals received in past winter olympics for each of these sports, click here.

The Medals


This year’s Sochi medals were unveiled and contain some unique details. Medals contain the landscape of Sochi and olympic rings, The reverse side contains the name of the competition in Russian, French and English.  For more information click here.

The Venues


Spreading across two district clusters, Sochi has 11 newly built arenas to stage he Sochi Olympics. Click here for more info.

The Schedule


The NBC Network will be hosting this year’s Winter Sochi Olympics.

For information on the schedule, team and special features, click here.

Go Team USA!



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