Disability & Long Term Care

Disability Insurance
Offers cash payments for a set amount of time if you become unable to work due to injury or illness. To help you evaluate policy options, we will consider the definition the company uses for disability, the length of time it will pay, the waiting period before it pays and if you can receive benefits for a partial disability.
Long Term Care
Most people think about this as nursing home coverage for the elderly; however we think of this as a way to have some personal control over your health care in the event of a catastrophic injury at anytime or the more traditional complications many people have with aging.
Currently there is no long term care coverage provided by Medicare or the Affordable Health Care Act. Without this coverage you would be placed in care at a facility chosen by the “system,” which may not be where you really want to be.
There are many different options to consider when evaluating this type of policy, including the length of time it will pay, whether it includes home health care, the amount of payment, and whether the payment increases with inflation.
The younger you are when you purchase this coverage, the lower the premiums, and you have the coverage in the event of a catastrophic accident or development of a disease that may make you uninsurable. Some plans have options that will pay for health care assistance at your own home. Call WTM to speak with a benefit specialist to discuss your situation and your personal concerns.
As a Trusted Choice® Agent, we work with many different insurance carriers. We are free to do what is right for you.
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