Does my Auto Policy Pay if another person is driving my car?

The short answer is yes. In Georgia, the ¬†auto insurance coverage follows the car and not the driver. If you loan a friend your car, you are loaning them your auto insurance policy. If you give permission to a friend to drive to the store and an accident occurs, the coverage for the vehicle will respond, not the drivers own independent auto policy. The auto policy of the vehicle will be primary, the friends/driver’s insurance may kick in if the accident exceeds vehicle policy limits, however, the coverage for that vehicle will be primary.

Keep in mind if your car is damaged and the driver was as fault, you will need to make a claim and the deductible will apply when repairs are made.

Insurance companies do require that all drivers in the household be listed on the policy. Drivers who live in the same house need to be disclosed, otherwise following a claim the insurance company could cancel the coverage at renewal for misrepresentation.

Talk to your agent to make sure you understand your policy type as in some occasions policies can limit coverages to drivers not on the policy.



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