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G2PanaflexclosedThe film industry is considered by most people to be exciting, glamorous and dangerous.  Most insurance companies and insurance agents know very little about the specific risk exposures you deal with daily. At Williams, Turner & Mathis, Inc we have been privileged to offer insurance solutions for the film and video industry for more than 30 years. Because of our experience, we understand your business and most important we work with the specific insurance companies who also understand your business.
It is crucial that you are able to secure a policy that insures your very specific risk exposures such as renting expensive cameras and other production equipment; grip trucks and insurance for locations. In addition you may have a production with animals, stunts and pyrotechnics. We have the experience to help you find an insurance company for your needs.
Just as a film production has three main phases – pre-production, production and post production, film insurance is available for all of these stages:
Pre-Production: Do you need an annual or ongoing policy to protect your office and owned equipment as you seek out your next shoot? If you are working on a large, multimillion-dollar feature, you will also need a completion bond. We can assist you in getting this important protection.
Production: Typically you will need many of the same kinds of insurance that any business needs such as general liability and workers’ compensation; however most insurance companies do not have the film industry as an approved class of business. At WTM we work with the insurance companies that embrace your industry and are able to provide general liability and additional insurance specific to your industry such as an entertainment floater which extends coverage to production equipment – both owned and rented; props, sets and wardrobe; third-party property damage; extra expense; negative and faulty equipment coverage; and hired and non-owned vehicles coverage. Guild accident coverage is also available depending on your contract needs.
Post Production:  Insuring this part of the production work usually involves equipment coverage for your edit suites.  It also covers errors and omissions if your production will be released for public viewing. This policy protects you for professional mistakes you may have made in production. Usually we recommend waiting to get this policy until you have your distribution contract in place. That contract will contain the specific requirements they demand.
Georgia is a great state for film production. Our geography goes from the seaside to the mountain tops! Just as important we have experienced professionals in all aspects of film production, ready and willing to help make your production experience a success. In addition, we have a very favorable tax incentive, implemented to encourage more production in Georgia. Because we are a Georgia-based insurance agency, premiums paid through our agency can be applied toward the tax incentive.
At WTM our industry expertise has led us to work with many production companies and productions – from DICE (Documentary, Industrial, Commercial & Educational) production companies to feature film production and many of the support industries. We also can provide you with 24-hour access to your own certificate portal, so that certificate needed at 2:00 am is not a show-stopper.  You know and we know you have to have insurance. We work with you to make this task as painless as possible, while providing you with the appropriate coverage for your production.
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