It’s Fruit Season: Top 10 Healthy Summer Fruits

June is National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables month. Summer is also the time where you are having barbecues, vacations and access to all kinds of foods. But don’t forget to take advantage of the most healthy sweet and fresh thing you can eat…fruit. This excellent snack and dessert idea for summer is full of an abundant supply of fiber, minerals and nutrients that can boost your metabolism and strengthen your immune system.

Here are 10 of the top vitamin providers you should look for this summer.

1. Strawberries: Are high in vitamin C, provide natural sun protection and immunity toward colds, flus and other infections

2. Cherries: Cherries boost antioxidant activity in your body and aid in immunity to those pop-up summer colds

3. Limes: Give you 20-30 percent of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C

4. Mangoes: Great for the diet, these sweet fruits help reduce body fat

5. Peaches: This fruit is low in fat and is loaded with 10 different vitamins.

6. Raspberries: This tart-y berry is your friend it can slow signs of aging and help prevent cancer

7. Watermelons: True to its name, watermelon is an excellent summer source of hydration and is an excellent source of vitamin A

8.  Kiwis: This is the perfect snack, low-calorie, high in fiber and has a variety of vitamins

9. Papayas: Can be eaten raw or cooked, high in vitamins and good for the digestive track

10. Blueberries: One of the most health promoting fruits you can eat, filled with vitamins and protect from heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer and inflammation.

Hungry for some fresh fruit yet? The other great thing about these fruits in season is they are more readily available. There are pop-up Farmer’s Markets. There are also farms open where you can go and pick some of the above fruits yourself.


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