Furniture and TV Tip-Over Prevention Tips

With little kids around climbing on the dresser, standing on a shelf to to try and reach a higher one and all of the other playing they do around furniture. Doing what you want to make sure the furniture or TV does not tip over onto your child is very important. Consider these tips when you get new furniture or move furniture into different rooms, don’t forget to secure these furniture pieces around your small child.

TV Safety

  • Place TV on low sturdy bases
  • Anchor the furniture as well as the TV. The TV should be as far back on the furniture as possible.
  • Anchoring the TV to the wall is also a safer option
  • Keep toys or remote controls that might be attractive items for kids to grab off TV stands or high reaching furniture
  • Keep TV or cable cords out of the reach of children

Securing Furniture

  • Use brackets, braces or wall straps to secure unstable or furniture that is easily tipped to the wall. There are a lot of options available to secure furniture to the wall
  • Consider putting child safety clasps on drawers as kids can climb on drawers and cause them to tip
  • There are also stops than can be place on drawers to make sure they cannot open all of the way out. Multiple drawers being out can cause the weight to shift and tip over
  • Keep heavier item on lower shelves or bottom drawers

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