FYI- Here’s the 10 most ticketed cars by model according to a study from “Your Mechanic”

This is a study from data analysts at Your Mechanic. If you have read this blog long, you know there are certain factors that contribute to insurance premiums on your personal auto. One factor you may not have thought about lately is the number of moving violations that may be on your driving record and associated with a certain vehicle.

According to some studies from speeders can tend to prefer certain car models. The study that came up with this list expanded on this looking at models such as trucks, compacts, SUV’s , luxury, compact etc… and used this to get some data on what drivers are likely to be ticketed and vehicle types.

Traffic violations can differ from state to state. The most common from which they derived the list was running red lights, driving without headlights, illegal turns, illegal parking, running a stop sign and speeding. Having said all of the above, here is the list from My Mechanic of the 10 most ticketed vehicles by model and percent of car owners.

10. Toyota Tacoma,30.1%


9. Acura 3.0S/CL,30.1%

8. Dodge Stratus SXT, 30.2%

7. Volkswagen GTI, 30.3%

6. Mazda 3S, 30.3%

5. Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS/LT, 30.8%

4. Volkswagen Jetta GL, 31.4%

3. Dodge Charger, 32.1%

2. Nissan 350Z, 32.5%

1. Lexus ES300,33.4%


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