Golf Cart Insurance

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The use of golf carts has evolved from the original purpose of getting golfers from one fairway to another.  Some residential communities are even designed to be “golf cart friendly”. There is really nothing very standard about how a golf cart will be used and likewise there is not a standard way to obtain the appropriate coverage for your golf cart. Here are some guidelines on what conditions impact the required insurance.
  • Is the cart licensed for road use with the state?
  • Is the cart unlicensed for road use with state but registered with city or county?
  • Is the cart unlicensed for road use with state and not registered with city or county?
  • Different insurance companies have different products available.  The liability may be extended from your homeowners policy or the golf cart may need to be added to an automobile policy or a recreational vehicle policy. Insurance on the actual golf cart itself (physical damage) will also need to be addressed.
Our suggestion is make sure your agent knows that you do own a golf cart. It is important your agent understands the use, license and registration status of your golf cart. This will make sure that your golf cart is properly insured.
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