Here’s How to Find out if Your Vehicle is Subject to a Safety Recall…


Did you know that according to the U.S. Vehicle Transportation Department vehicle safety recalls hit an all time high in 2016 at 53.2 million? While driving safely and keeping up with maintenance are very important another very important vehicle safety step is making sure your vehicle is not subject to any recalls. While manufacturers do reach out by mail, could your address have changed since you got your vehicle?

Like seen with the Takata airbag massive recalls it could be a danger to you as the car owner and others on the road if the safety recalls are not addressed.

How do you check and see if your vehicle is subject to a safety recall, you ask? Good question.


You can go into this site, enter your VIN, click “Check Recall Status and the information will come up. You can also be directed to a dealer to fix the problem if need be to have the repair scheduled as soon as possible.

This site can also be used to find this information for business fleet owners.


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