Home Safety Tips for Summer Time

Summer puts us outside a lot for around the house activities. Yard work, hosting barbecues , going to the pool, or watching the kids play are just some of the things that cause us to step out of the front door or garage during the summer. Summertime is fun, just make sure to think about the doors, windows, and garage door safety. Even just the garage is a huge target. It can be easy for a criminal to sneak into an open garage to steal tools and other valuables. It also creates an opportunity to get into the home, grab some items quickly and then run out again without being noticed.

Criminals can tag team as well. One can distract a homeowner at the door while the other get can get  into the garage or back yard to quickly get whatever they can grab.

Just think of areas to secure when you go out this summer to keep your house safe while you are out enjoying the weather and summer activities. Teach your family to be smart about the house and property to ensure a fun and safe summer for all.

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