Home Security Solutions- Easier than ever and possible discounts

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If you think of home security you may think of bulky cameras and a bunch of wires, not really the case anymore.

Today, things have changed quite a bit. Advanced tools and security systems are more accessible and affordable than ever. (And installing them might get you a discount on your homeowners insurance, too.)

Full-service systems are still a popular option with many people. Companies offer central monitoring, video surveillance, and more. Some even include home automation tools so you can control appliances from anywhere, and many will send text-message alerts in response to specific occurrences, such as when the kids enter the house after school.

Doing it yourself has become easier than ever with more options…

  1.  Smart Cameras:  Cameras today can be tucked anywhere and don’t require wires. With a good battery and wi-fi connection, you can even set it up where you can see what is happening outside or inside on your computer or mobile device.


  1. Key-Free Doors: Say you have a friend stopping by to check on your dog while you’re gone for the day. You don’t have to risk leaving a key outside. With a code-based entry system, you can simply provide your friend with temporary access that turns on and off when you want.


  1. Home Automation Products: It’s easier than you think to give yourself remote access to the lights and appliances in your home. There are some products available that can help you make this happen.

So whether you hire a company, do it yourself or just employ a few “old-school” motion detected lights. They can all go a long way in making your home less attracted to burglars. Some of these systems could even get a discount on home insurance.

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