Hotel/Motel Insurance


If you own a hotel or motel you understand all the complexity that goes into the day-to-day care required to keep running. With a huge amount of capital invested it is vital to your business that your investment is protected. That’s why all Georgia hotels and motels should acquire an insurance policy from an agency that understands the industry.

We provide coverage for:
  • Natural disasters and other perils
  • Equipment and machinery failure
  • General and excess liability
  • Commercial vehicle insurance
  • Liquor liability
  • Workers’ compensation
  • And much more
With all these protections at your fingertips, you need to call Williams, Turner & Mathis and speak to an insurance expert about a quote for your hotel or motel.  It does not matter if this will be your first hotel policy, or if you are just browsing to see if you could get a better policy, we want to speak to you! So please don’t wait any longer; call Williams Turner & Mathis to get a quote today!
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