Important Tips for Credit Card Fraud Prevention


Credit card fraud can be an easy form of identity theft for getting such information as credit card number, name and address. This can be the recipe of identity theft.

Here are some ways to prevent this since we all have credit cards and consequently the exposure to potential identity fraud.

  • Check credit card statements carefully for fraudulent charges
  • Destroy all unwanted credit card offers. You can also request that credit bureaus not sell your name to credit card companies by calling 888-567-8688
  • Keep track of credit card receipts. Some can have your credit card number printed on them. Which can be an easy target.
  • Activate new cards upon receiving them and shred or cut up expired cards before discarding them.
  • Shred sensitive documents
  • Review your credit report annually

These simple steps could help you avoid being a victim of  credit card fraud.


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