Which Insurance Profession cracked the Top 10 for Best Jobs in America?

Coming in at number four, the position of Actuary was the only insurance career to break the top 50 of America’s best jobs according to CareerCast. 
The ranking is based on 5 metrics: demands of physical labor, work conditions, income level, stress, and hiring prospects. 
CareerCast ranked the position of actuary highly due to an increased need for insurance-related analysts and risk assessment in wake of the Affordable Care Act and the growing sector of health insurance. 
Here is CareerCast’s list of top 10 best careers in 2014. 
  1. Mathematician
  2. University Professor (tenured)
  3. Statistician
  4. Actuary
  5. Audiologist
  6. Dental Hygienist
  7. Software Engineer
  8. Computer Systems Analyst
  9. Occupational Therapist
  10. Speech Pathologist


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