Insure Your Bling

Valentine’s Day is second most popular holiday to propose. Insuring that important piece of jewelry may not sound very romantic but the peace of mind it will bring is a sweet feeling.

It’s easy! All you need is an appraisal from a certified gemologists as well as your receipts.

It won’t cost you much!- The yearly cost, depending on the policy should be around $1-$2 for every $100 that is would cost to replace. If the replacement cost were $9,000 it would be a reasonable policy to pay around $90-$180 per year to insure the ring.

Options! There are several ways you can insure the ring. You can add a “ring rider” to your renters’ or homeowners’ policy for a certain dollar value to cover the ring. Another option is to have a specific jewelry policy if the total value of jewelry pieces is high.

What to Remember! When shopping read the small print or consult with your local agent. A good policy will protect from such events as losing the ring, damaging the ring and other potentially ring-threatening situations.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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