Is Your Golf Cart Covered?

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Golf Carts are for the gold course, right? Well…yes but they are increasingly being used as more.

They are used to travel within the neighborhood or neighboring properties. They are often used in gated waterfront vacation homes, traveling within a retirement community, or just rolling around your community. While they are not normally speedy vehicles, they’re still moving which means they can cause damage or injury. Should either of these events occur the car owner needs to have the proper insurance coverage.

Good news. Homeowners policies do take on some of the liability associated with golf carts. However, these conditions are specific and somewhat limited. Here are some scenarios in which the car would be covered under a homeowners policy:

  • While the user is playing golf on the golf course, as well a leisure activities on the golf course
  • They cover the car while crossing public roads to get from one side of the course to the other
  • It covers the cart inside a private residential community and if the community has authority over any of the roads the carts would be permitted on these as well(for example: if a vacation home is in a community where they have designate certain cart paths on the road to cross to get to the beach)
  • They are also covered at your residence

There is a recent local example of this. Avondale Estates has ‘okayed’ the use of golf carts or low speed vehicles (even unlicensed)on the streets within the city. If your cart is insured under your homeowner’s policy, liability coverage most likely does not apply when taking the golf cart into the streets. Make sure before you take those carts into the street it is covered.

So what if you are using your golf cart in a scenario other than the ones listed above? What should you do and what coverages are available?

  • First of all, speak to your agent. Find out what coverages you have an if they are enough. They will also have options with their carriers for potential coverages to make sure your car has proper and adequate coverages
  • Endorsements can be added to your homeowner’s policy, this is meant for carts with 4 passengers or less and for carts going under 25mph. ¬†Endorsements can cover a wide range of causes such as fire, theft, vandalism, collision etc…and is subject to a deductible
  • Auto- you can endorse or some carriers will write a specific policy for the golf cart. These can be used for cars that can be used in roadways and the same coverages can be applied to carts with this policy as with your auto policy

If you have a golf cart be sure to read over these scenarios and ask your agent if you are not sure if your cart is covered.

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