Is Your Password Safe? Reasons to Consider a Password Manager


We all do it. Use the same passwords on multiple sites, pick easy to remember passwords and repeat the process on all of our passwords. It may seem daunting but having a password manager generate and stores different passwords, ones that are long and complicated is a huge deterant against online criminals. With Modern encryption these passwords would take a hacker between decades and into infinity to hack. Now that is password safety.

But this starts to raise all of the questions about what exactly is a password manager, where are the passwords stored, how to share passwords with a spouse and can it be used on a cell phone. Here is an explanation for those questions.

Password Managers

As previously stated most of us use weak passwords and then use them to access multiple accounts. While this is oh so convenient it leaves us susceptible to cyber crimes such as identity theft. Password Managers generate and store these crazy passwords. They also retrieve them which is important as they can be set to automatically fill in passwords on various sites and accounts. Using a Password Manager also means that you only need to keep up with one master password. The password you log into  the management system with.

Here are some options on different management systems and the costs associated. Try to stick with name brands that have been tested and are more user friendly like 1Password, Dashlane, KeePass or LastPass.  These can vary from free to a subscription fee. They are affordable options to consider.

Set up is pretty easy. You can either store the username and passwords for frequently and seldom used sites overtime manually or you can import through your browser those that are stored. It will be set up through your email and make sure the master password you will use. Also remember it should be fairly long with different character combinations.

You will want to replace all of the weak passwords you currently have. You will need to go through the various sites and reset the password. Which these management sites will do for you automatically by creating a new password within the program to transfer over.

Yes, they do have apps. Androids interface well with the password management programs and often can complete auto fill tasks when the app is open and you access one of the stored sites.Apps on iPhones are different in the since that auto fill may or may not work. This means that you may have to copy and paste between the app and site you are accessing.

You can also customize levels of access for a spouse. The two of you can store and share website passwords. You can also personalize the profiles to only include those needed.

Be careful, not to forget your master password. While LastPass does offer a hint. For the others it means that you can no longer access the vault. Which is not the end of the world, but it does mean that you will have to start the process over with each site individually changing passwords.

The only thing left to do is research the different options. If you want ease of use, one the paid subscription services could be for you. If you like a tech challenge that doesn’t cost anything, Keepass could be for you. Just know that this is the most secure personal form of protecting passwords and identity… it is worth a look.

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