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piedmont-parkExcellent health is the desire of everyone, but as we all know there are diseases, injuries and illness that can strike anyone. Your family’s financial stability can be eroded with an uninsured health loss and you now can be faced with a fine under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for not having the right insurance. As your trusted Georgia insurance agent, we know finding the most reliable and affordable Georgia health insurance policy is not easy.  With the rising costs of health care, the constantly changing guidelines and the heavily debated government backed incentives many people are finding it difficult to navigate the Georgia health insurance market, both on the Federal Exchange and off the exchange.
There are numerous reasons why Americans are looking for reliable healthcare. Whether it is because your employer does not offer health insurance or you are self employed or have reached 26 and need to get health insurance for yourself we have benefit specialists to help you find the best plan for you, either on the federal exchange or through the private health insurance marketplace.
Our Georgia health insurance policies meet all state and federal guidelines and provide coverage for:
Doctor visits
Mental health
Preventive care
Prescription drugs
Surgical procedures
Medical testing
When you begin to look for health insurance you will learn there are many options to consider. Some of these include:
Deductible – unlike your automobile deductible your health insurance deductible is an annual deductible and represents the amount you will pay for expenses before your insurance will pay.
Co-insurance– is a percentage of expenses you will pay along with your health insurance provider. Usually 10% or 20% will be your portion.
Out of pocket – is the maximum amount you will be responsible for including your deductible and Co insurance payments.
Co pay – is a dollar amount you are responsible for outside of the above amounts. This is a per Doctor visit, per prescription drug or emergency room visit.
Formulary – is a list of drugs your health provider will consider acceptable. They are tiered with specific Co payments per tier.
Open Enrollment – Is the specific dates you can apply for health insurance for the next year. Currently open enrollment begins November 15th.
Subsidy – a partial payment by the federal government based on the household income.  See our subsidy calculator to see if you qualify.
Life Changing events: things that may happen that change your need for insurance such as loss of insurance, divorce or adoption. This would allow you to purchase health insurance outside of open enrollment.
These are only a few of the options available
Our Benefit specialist will be able to talk with you about your personal concerns to help navigate you to the best option for you either through the federal exchange or private market place. It does not cost you more to have a licensed insurance  agent guide you.
Short Term Accident and Illness Plans
Short term insurance is available to cover health expenses from accidents and illnesses that occur during the policy term. Preventive care such as routine physicals and pre-existing conditions are not covered by this type of policy; but you can purchase one of these policies at any time during the year. It is a good choice if you do not have health insurance and need coverage during the year to fill in the gap until Open Enrollment and the allowed January 1 effective date each year, when you can sign up for an ACA plan. With the new ACA plans, you can not purchase a plan outside of Open Enrollment unless you have experienced a life changing event.
Travel Health Insurance Plans
When traveling out of the country, it is important to make sure your health insurance needs will be met when out of the country. Our Benefit specialist will work with you to make sure you and your family have the insurance that will allow you to seek the best care for any illness or accident while traveling for work or pleasure.
Medicare supplement and Medicare D Basics
Once you turn 65, a Medicare supplement provides coverage to pay claims where Medicare A & B so not, including prescription drug coverage for seniors. Dental, Vision and added benefits discount plans are also available.
Don’t allow yourself to remain unprotected. Remember, no matter where you live in Georgia we are here for you! Contact Williams Turner & Mathis for a free ACA approved quote.
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