Make this a Part of your Trip Planning: What to do if you need your car towed out of State

If you are on your way out of town or on vacation, you may want to make a plan for if something happens to your car while you are out of town whether an accident or having car problems that make your vehicle not drivable. There are few questions your will want to make sure you can answer so as to not let an event like this ruin your trip.

Does my insurance company cover towing? What would you do if you were unable to drive your vehicle and were in another state? Would you rent a car? Would you have the vehicle repaired locally or towed home for repairs?

The above questions are answered two fold, you can consult your policy or agent to answer some of these questions and for some you will need a plan.
You can find out on your insurance policy if you have rental. One thing you may want to make sure if that you have rental limits that cover a rental comparable to what you are driving. For example, if you are driving a minivan, make sure your rental limits are not only adequate for a sedan.
Auto Policies do typically cover a tow if a vehicle is disabled due to an accident. However, it generally covers only a reasonable tow, which is considered by most insurance companies to be up to 50 miles. However, 200 miles is not customary or reasonable so you may be responsible for additional miles or fees associated with a long distance tow.

This is where your planning comes into play. You would want to weigh the cost and benefits of have it repaired locally or transporting the vehicle back home. If the repairs may take longer than the scheduled amount of time out of town you want to include such costs as (returning to the location, fuel, loss of income, lodging etc…) If you are considering having your vehicle transported home for repairs consider companies that specialize in this rather than a towing service. In most cases it is more economical having the vehicle transported home than returning to retrieve the vehicle from the out of town location and expenses associated.

They are called accidents for a reason, they happen and are not something we plan on. But they do not have ruin a trip or vacation if you have a plan to handle this situation should an incident occur.

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