Online Shopping Safety

With the Holidays coming up, online retailers and shopping will be flooded. But online shopping is not limited to Black Friday, Cyber Monday or the holiday rush it is now year round. No matter when you are shopping be cautious for any scams or fake sites that are after your money.

Here are some ways you can reduce risk when shopping online.

  • Make sure you are purchasing on a secure website. Look at the top of your browser and make sure there is a “lock” icon and that the url includes an “s”(https). You can also right click on the page, click “properties”to see if the URL is encrypted.
  • Use a credit card and not a debit card you can dispute charges by credit.
  • Use your PayPal account if you have it as this is a safe way to not have to enter payment information.
  • Save the confirmation information of a purchase.
  • Check your online statements to make sure it is charges correctly or there are no suspicious charges from the site. Do this before your credit card statement comes so as to catch it quickly.
  • Keep purchase documentation (confirmation page, number or email) however it is verified to you.
  • Go directly to the retailers website and by links in email.
  • Avoid entering personal information requested by email.
  • Use an antivirus protection on your computer.
  • Use strong passwords, that are unique even if it means going and changing all of your passworsd to prevent hacking of all of your important accounts.

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