Part 2: 10 Least Ticketed cars on the Road by Model

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the car you may want to drive: mileage, repair costs, aesthetics, performance and that is just to name a few. How about how likely it is to be ticketed?

Once again Your Mechanic looked at data from to determine if there is a correlation between car model and likelihood to be ticketed. There were two components, the first was drivers. They looked to see which drivers were typically getting more tickets based on models, luxury cars, midsize, SUV, sports cars etc… Also by habit, including how many moving violations and the associated vehicles with these.

Here is the list of 10 least ticketed cars by both the percent of vehicle owners as well as by the model. Data from Your Mechanic.

10. Land Rover, Range Rover 10.9%

range rover

9. BMW 320I, 9.9%

8. Audi A3 2 Series, 9.2%

7. GMC Savana, 8.8%

6. Cadillac Escalade, 8.1%

5. Chevrolet Express, 7.7%

4. Cadillac ATS, 6.2%

3. Acura ILX, 5.6%

2. Lexus IS350, 3.4%

1.Buick Encore, 3.2%


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