Plan Ahead: Prepare your Home or Business from the cold weather and Jack Frost’s Visit this Year

Colder weather is just around the corner. With a cold winter coming up fast, WTM thought they would send along a few tips to prepare for your visit from Jack Frost this year. Protecting your home, business and transportation are important things to consider as they are big causes for insurance claims.






1. Outside Factors:

  • Disconnect and drain all hoses and outside water valves
  • Repair any roof leaks and remove any tree branches that could be weighted down with ice or snow and fall on your house or neighbor’s house
  • Have your chimney cleaned annually if you plan on using your fireplace

2. Inside Factors:

  • Insulate and weatherize doors, windows and attics to prevent drafts, Also to save on utilities
  • If you use your fireplace, keep the flue closed when not in use
  • Check your furnace and heating system, have your furnace inspected every year by a professional prior to the start of the heating season
  • Don’t store newspapers, rags or combustable materials near your furnace, hot water heater or space heater
  • If a space heater is being used, make sure it is not left on when you are not in the room. Make sure it is atleast three feet away from anything that might burn
  • Make sure your furniture is not blocking your home’s heating vents

pressuretemperature_hero_580x330PREPARE YOUR VEHICLE

1. How to Winter-Proof Your Car

  • Check tread and air pressure in your tires
  • Add de-icer fluid solution to your wipers to prevent spray from freezing
  • Check concentration level of anti-freeze in your engine
  • If you live in extreme temeratures keep a winter survival kit in your trunk
  • Program your auto service provider, insurance agent and towing service into your cell phone





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