Protecting your Income: Disability Insurance


diamMay is Disability Awareness Month, this is an important aspect of insurance to look at. Everyone is concerned to make sure their Auto and Home are covered as these are very valuable assets. So what about Disability Insurance? What about another important asset, your income? Disability insurance protects your income should an unexpected event happen to keep you from being able to work. According to statistics a person is more likely to lose their home from disability than a fire or death.

Many people have no idea if they have this coverage through their employer or if this is something they are even interested in. This is a conversation you should have with your employer and then your agent if you need additional disability coverage.

Have no idea how much disability coverage you would need? Here is a tool to help:

Try this Disability Calculator from Auto Owners as an interactive tool to see how much coverage you will need based on your income and a few other factors found in the calculator.

Click here to access the calculator.

Let us know if you need any assistance with this process!

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