Pumpkin Carving, The Fun and Safe Way

Some tips to carry on the fun tradition of carving pumpkins safely.

Some things to keep in mind to avoid injuries and practice pumpkin carving safety.

Tools of the Trade-Pumpkin carving kits are readily available in stores and provide proven and tested quality carving instruments with small tools that are less sharp and dangerous.  The smaller instruments are also easier to use and control, rather than knives. Do no use kitchen knives.

Age Appropriate:  Kids under the age of 14 should not do the carving and cutting. They can draw the designs but should not use any of the sharp tools.

Good Environment: Avoid carving on any slick or unsteady surfaces. Be in a well-lit area where you can see where you  are carving.

Alternatives: for small children under 14, consider ways of decorating that do not involve sharp tool such as painting and decorating the pumpkin.

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