Putting a Different Spin On the Easter Egg Hunt

If you are looking for some different ways to have an Easter Egg hunt with  your children or grand children, here are some creative ideas to switch it up and take it up a notch.

Tired of the same old Easter egg hunt? Have you ever thought of some of these ways to outsmart the easter bunny this year?

Treasure Map Hunt

This can be completed by making a map where the eggs are hidden and have clues in the eggs to where the final treasure is buried. This works best if you have a large area where you are hiding. Difficulty levels will need to be adjusted for different age levels.



Check-List Hunt

If you are having a large easter egg hunt with a large group of children, try making a check list and instructing the kids that they are ONLY to find what is on their list. For Example: Find 2 blue eggs, Find 3 yellow eggs, Find 4 purple eggs… This way every kid will be able to find eggs

Color-Coordinated Eggs

Along the same lines as the Check-list, color coordinate the eggs and assign a color to each child.  But to keep a little it of healthy competition, tell them that each child is looking for one color in common: Gold. Hide a golden egg for the grand prize.



Hunt in the Dark

For older kids, why not send them on a twilight hunt with flashlights. This is best done at dusk when it is getting dark but just dark enough to send them with flashlights. The older kids will love this twist as it will make it a but more of an adventure for them.


Creative-Stuffers Hunt


Try not putting candy in the eggs, as most likely your child is already a hoppy bunny for the Easter basket earlier. fills the eggs with unexpected things like…money, movie tickets, stickers, small prizes etc..




Happy Hunting!



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