Running/Walking Outside Safety Tips



With the daylight extending later into the evening and the nice weather, exercising outside is a pretty popular option for fitness. While there are many benefits to outdoor exercise it also invites some risks that aren’t present in the gym. Here are a few things to keep in mind to stay safe while you run or walk outside.

1. Run In Well-Lit and populated areas- Make sure there that is lighting and there are people around as you run. If you are running through an isolated area, take off your ear buds as predators think people who are have ear buds are distracted and easier targets.

2. Be aware and trust your gut. If someone suspicious is approaching you try to cross over to the other side of the street or change directions and run that way quickly if it becomes a threatening situation.

3. Be Prepared- If someone approaches you be vocal in telling them “You are too close”, “Back Off” attackers are looking for people easy to overpower. Use self defense, Be aware of the top four vulnerable spots on a person’s body: eyes, nose, throat, and knees. If you’re close enough to fight back, do it. Stay confident and strong.

4. Always carry your smart phone. They can be the most important tool for self defense. Mace and pepper stray are often left a home but the cell phone should always be with you. There are also some apps that .ReactMobile,StaySafe,.MyPanic,.Guardly, and .bSafe. These apps help you report suspicious incidences with GPS coordinates, add path and time and input emergency contacts if not completed, trigger alarms and bright colors for other people nearby to be alerted and other great features to check out for your runs or walks while alone.

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