Safe Travels: Staying Safe on Vacation

We tend to think about our home safety when we are leaving for vacation and who will get our mail. But what about your safety as you travel?

Here are some key things to keep in mind while you are traveling to stay safe:

  • Do not wear flashing and expensive things to make you stand out, thieves can recognize a Rolex and you risk being a target
  • Limit the information provided to customs with general terms like business or consulting rather than executive titles that may sound worth a ransom
  • Use your business rather than home address while traveling overseas and only use home address when returning to the states
  • If you are pre-arranging a driver, do not provide your full name to indicate you are American. It is suggested to use a generic last name in that country or initials
  • While large hotels may have better security, they are more likely to be a terrorist target than a small boutique hotel
  • Once in the hotel review the escape route, check for working phones in case of an emergency
  • Make sure you are vaccinated properly for the country you are visiting
  • Make an electronic copy of important documents and email them to yourself should it be lost or damaged
  • Do not carry everything together, spread it across bags or on your person so if your wallet is stolen you do not lose everything

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