Safety Tips for Women



Women’s self defense is becoming a very important topic as well as avoiding any compromising situation.

Here are some safety tips for women while you are out and about.

1. Be Aware: Be aware if your surroundings and avoid areas where you could be a target. Criminals like to choose targets who appear unaware of what is going on around them.

2, Trust your gut: Avoid a person or situation that does not “feel” safe. Use your womanly intuition to its full advantage with this.

3. Self-Defense Training: Martial Arts is not necessarily the way to go unless you want to train in traditional martial arts techniques. Choose a self defense program that that simulates assaults and trains accordingly.

4. Escape: If you can the best option when sure of eminent danger is to run and scream for help to attract attention. Get away from alleys, dark places and locations where crimes could more easily occur.

5. Fight Back: No matter if you do your best to follow all the above tips, if you find yourself in a physical confrontation. It is your legal right to defend yourself. Whether you have had self defense training or not, statistically your odds of survival are greater when you fight back. Aim for the eyes first and the groin second. The element of surprise is your greatest advantage and chance to get away.

6. Other Tips: When avoiding possible home, car or travel situation that are unsafe, here are some things to keep in mind. For homes or hotels, do not open the door unless you know the person on the other side or can verify that the person on the other side has a legitimate reason for being there. Most car-jacking occurs at intersections when vehicles are stopped so keep doors locked and on the look out.

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