How to Select a Contractor


Picture1-300x284With the freezing temperatures across the country, many people have been running into an increasing number of water claims needing mitigation service. Following this the onset for the need of mitigation services, many have been experiencing difficulties getting quick service as many are operating at full capacity.

While it is first advised that you work with a preffered contractor of your insurance company, many insurance companies are advising customers to do what they can do to reduce their loss by contacting other mitigation companies if assistance is delayed.

Which brings up the question, ‘Who to Trust?’, here are a few here are a few questions to ask the contractor¬†that should answer your question:

  • Does the contractor want payment up front?
  • Can the the contractor provide References?
  • Do they have an active license?
  • Are they bonded or insured?
  • Does the company have a local office or have a local telephone number?

If any of the above questions are not answered favorably, these are red flags that you should look elsewhere.

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