Social Liability: Ways to Make Sure you Don’t Serve a Lawsuit at Your Holiday Party


Planning on hosting a party this year whether at your home or work place? The guest list, decorations, food and activities are the not the only items to keep in mind when planning your party. Many across the country host and attend holiday parties unaware of the risks. As an independent insurance agent, WTM would like to explain some of the responsibilities of inviting others into your home and serving food and drinks.

While holiday parties are encouraged for this festive time of year. Understanding the risks and planning accordingly will go a long way to make sure that a lawsuit will not be served at this year’s holiday party.


  • Individuals should call WTM and make sure that there is sufficient liability on their homeowners or renters policy for protection in the event that they are sued or found liable for and accident or illness that could occur from serving food and drinks.
  • Know your state statutes and laws. In many states, party hosts can be held liable if a guest is involved in an alcohol-related accident.
  • Consider an Umbrella Policy, this type of coverage is a great idea for a frequent host. Umbrella Insurance provides exactly the type of coverage that it sounds like it would; it provides an umbrella for you to stand under. This protects your assets should a lawsuit occur over your homeowners or renters policy limits on your property.
  • Reasearch Caterers and delis and use only reputable establishments.


Party Time:

  • Watch what you eat and serve to others, not talking about the waist line. Make sure you inspect both food that is catered and prepared at home to make sure nothing looks undercooked or unsanitary. Have needed serving supplies for hot and cold foods to serve at the appropriate temperatures.
  • Stop serving alcohol at least an hour before the party ends. If you are having a large party, you might consider hiring an off duty police officer to handle any alcohol related problems as guests leave.
  • Mix up the activities at the party, have activities that do not center around drinking. Have a mix of beverages that are alcoholic and non-alcoholic so as to vary beverage options. Know who designated drivers are ahead of time.
  • If you do not feel comfortable with the liabilities associated with hosting at your home, consider hosting at a restaurant that has a liquor license and can take on the liability


Happy and safe holidays to everyone!





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