Solar Eclipse Safety Tips and Need to Know info for August 21

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Did you know Monday will be the first coast to coast total solar eclipse since 1918? The Eclipse will track through the following states: Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Kentucky, Illinois, Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina. You can check charts for your area but the first show will be n Oregon at 9:05am PDT and will end in South Carolina at 2:48pm EDT. The lunar shadow is expected to leave the U.S. around 4:09pm EDT. Here is a projection of when Atlanta should view the eclipse.

When you are in the path of totality, what will it look like? The sun will be blocked around 2 minutes. the sun’s hidden solar corona will become visible and create what looks to be diamond rings of light.

Now for safety and some things to keep in mind as we anxiously await this event that NASA describes as one of nature’s most awesome sights….

Observing the sun can be dangerous if you do not practice proper precautions. Because of the UV radiation and unsafe exposure to it can cause damage ranging from aging of eye layers, cataracts, development of “eclipse blindness” or retinal burns.

It is never safe to look directly at the sun in a partial eclipse nor the partial phases of a total solar eclipse without the proper equipment and safety measures.

What are safe practices for viewing?

  • Simple Card Projector- You can find diy’s for this simple trick involving Two pieces of cardstock and a pin to make a tiny hole in one of the sheets of cardstock. In this technique always keep your back away from the sun using the pinhole projection. Do not look through pinhole
  • Do not look directly at the sun without protective eye gear, even sunglasses cannot protect your eyes. Eye gear needs to be glasses with solar filters, inspect to make sure there are no tears, scratches or damage. If so you will need to discard that pair.
  • If you don’t want to risk any of those methods, NASA will be broadcasting a live stream of the solar eclipse as it passes through the United States. The live stream will run from 2-3 pm Monday and it is free to watch. You can watch the stream HERE.

Stay Safe and enjoy the event!


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