Some Tips for Small Business Owners to save on A/C bills


Summer  heat and humidity require many hours of the air conditioning system running as well as the dollar signs. This high-cost form of energy draining can be a big operating expense of small businesses in the summer. Here are some seasonal tips and maintenance suggestions to reduce energy costs and prevent any problems with the systems themselves. These maintenance tips can be performed on your own and some by a qualified technician service on an annual basis.

  • Make sure areas surrounding the A/C units are clear of any debris
  • Use a programmable thermostat set at higher temperatures during off hours
  • Draw shades and blinds to minimize hot sunlight coming into the room
  • Use ceiling fans where possible to reduce the need for A/C
  • Use efficient lighting systems that are energy efficient
  • Have a professional technician come out each year to check for efficiency
    • Electrical connections
    • Signs of corrosion or damage
    • Compressor and condenser are in proper working oil and function
    • Clean and check for proper refrigerant levels

Here are a few ideas we hope you find helpful with August just kicking off and the heat that comes this month!

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