Ways to Make your Home more ‘Burglar’ proof when going away on Vacation



It’s summer and vacation time for many. If you are going away on an extended vacation it is important that you make sure your house is not an “easy mark” for burglars while you are away.

Research states that if it takes more than 4-5 minutes for a burglar to break into a home they will go elsewhere. An added benefit of the peace of mind of making sure your home is safe is many insurance companies will offer 2-15 percent discounts based on the presence of devices that make your home more safe.

What are some things you can do to keep your home safe while away?

  1. Hold your mail or have a neighbor pick it up for you. Your mail can be held by going to the post office and requesting that your mail be held for a certain period of time. Burglars interpret full mail boxes as “come on in”. Likewise it would be a good ideas to stop newspaper delivery during this time as well.
  2. Trim Shrubbery, burglars love privacy. Also arrange for your lawn to be mowed once a week. This will also make it easier for neighbors and friends to keep an eye on your home while you are way.
  3. Don’t Tidy up if you normally leave a car parked in the driveway or the water hose out or maybe a child’s toy on the side of the house, leave these things to keep the illusion that someone is home.
  4. Keep it Quiet, don’t advertise on social media that you are way as not all message are private. Stay on the safe side and talk about your trip after you are back with pictures and a safe house.
  5. Advertise your alarm system, if you have alarm protection, let them know. You can use signs and if you want to trick the burglar you can put up the sign for a different company in case they are familiar with alarm company procedure.
  6. Hide the hidden key, if you normally hide a spare key under a mat or plant…take that away so as to not may it too easy to enter.
  7. Safe Keep your valuables, put valuables in a PO Box or safe while you are away.
  8. Alert your alarm company, let them know the dates you are away. Make sure your alarm is set and working when you leave.

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