What You Need to Know about Playground Safety

It is summer and school it out. While the warm weather brings on the possibility for so many fun outdoor activities, one that is on most parents list is taking the kids to the playground. What mom doesn’t like watching their kids run around playing on the playground? Watching the kids on the monkey bars, swings and slides bring up all of those fond childhood memories. While we certainly want our children to share these fun activities it is best when combined with safety.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind around the playground.

  • The Right Fit– Make sure your child’s clothing is not extra loose as this can cause it to catch on playground equipment, this is also true of clothes with drawstrings. Get rid of any accessories such as purses, necklaces or related items that kids may have brought with them. Also, helmets while a great idea for bikes are not safe on the playground.
  • Manage Activities– Keep an eye out to make sure your child is on the age appropriate playground equipment. Smaller kids may not be able to use all of the equipment available such as climbing walls or possibly  even the monkey bars.
  • Ouch, that’s hot! Make sure to feel any surface that your child may sit on with your hand to make sure it is not too hot and your child is not at risk for burning their legs.
  • Safe Space-Make sure surfaces are made of rubber matting, ground rubber, mulch or some other agent that will soften the blow should a fall take place. Play grounds with shock-absorbing surfaces act as a cushion protecting against injury in case of a fall.
  • Parenting basics- Teach your child and watch to make sure other children are not pushing or crowding while on the playground as this adds danger.

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