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1 ) Underinsured Motorist-When to use an attorney


2 ) Life Insurance for Children-Different types of Life Insurance


3 ) Film Insurance & Restoration Companies


4 )  Liability Limits-having the correct limits and claim examples


5 ) Affordable Care Act Effects and Conversation- Pre-existing conditions etc.


6) What is included in a policy vs. Add On Coverage


7) Affordable Care Act (Life Changes Events, marriage,baby, home etc..)


8) Commercial-Building Insurance(different types)


9) Top 10 Least Expensive Cars to Insure in 2014


10) Homeowners Insurance, Rate factors, Personal Articles Policy, Replacement Cost


11) Insurance Commissioner’s Role


12) Contents Coverage, claim examples, Rental vehicle additional coverages


13) Short Term and Long Term Disability


14) Fire Prevention Safety, related claims


15) Insurance Fraud- Cases, examples and how they are handled


16) Life Insurance


17) Audits, New Car Gadgets, effects on insurance rates


18) Health Insurance, selling across state lines, commisioner safety practices with insurance companies


19) Industry Bad Apples, agent ethics and commissioner accountability

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